In this series I imagined places where the earth fuses into space. I was inspired by the vastness and variety of the world, and by the knowledge that we live a very short time in an unlimited universe. I like to think there is no end in the atmosphere, but a continuity of other dimensions. Space becomes abstract, depth is vertiginous, and colors are ambiguous.
The “Space” Portfolios
I painted with watercolor pigments on large sheets of film transparency. It allowed me to dilute and spray liquids, and to play with the fluidity of the materials. Later I printed the monoprints on an etching press with dampened paper.

I combined photos from NASA with my own images. I created earthly landscapes I photographed in Arizona and Utah, into the atmosphere. (Digital Prints, Available in Various Sizes, Price on Request.)

Watercolor, Acrylic and Digital work.
Mostly shot from an airplane, these skies were my projections of hopes, where I floated, dreamed and felt the infinite of time. (Pigment Transfers, Sizes: 15” x 22”, Price on Request.)