When I learned film photography I used a Yashica-C double lenses old camera, with film 20, (the negatives were square 2” x 2”). I also used an old Nikon with a lens F3. I liked to create double or triple exposures by taking two or three shots on the same film frame. I also liked to sandwich negatives in slides holders, and expose them manually with long exposures. Both of these portfolios were originally shot with film, before I learned digital photography.

The “Photographs” Portfolios

My friend Roger had a farm near our house upstate, with many rescued animals I photographed over the years. They all lived together, horses, goats, dogs, and a long horn bull. The horses mostly tolerated me with my cameras, but sometimes nudged me out of their field.

I met Bobby at Empire State College, and photographed her numerous times while she performed the Japanese dance-form “Butoh”. It is a slow movement and deeply concentrated type of performance.