Watercolor sketching was the first painting technique I learned. I was attracted to the fluidity, the elegance and the sobriety of the medium. It was a period of my life when I travelled a lot; Watercolor was a great medium to capture a moment, a light, and a transient atmosphere.

The “Watercolors” Portfolios

In 1976 I left France and travelled for over a year in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Nepal, Hong Kong, and Japan. I arrived from Japan to Los Angeles, via Honolulu, in late 1977. I did not own a camera at the time, and this entire journey was recorded in my watercolor diary. I came to the United States with the idea to publish this diary.

This is an eclectic choice of various sketches and watercolors from travels in Europe, America and North Africa, with some asking questions on the relations between people and places.