I am spending some months upstate New York. I look closely at the ground and the fields around me. The colors of Spring and Summer consume me. I observe myriads of botanical species, conveying different moods and emotions.
The “Florals” Portfolios

From my farmhouse in upstate New York, during spring and summer, I produced large monotypes of flowers, painted first with watercolor pigments on film transparencies, then printed as monotypes with an etching press on dampened paper. Later the monotypes were photographed and digitally re-sized, enhanced or combined in layers with one another.

After completion, the images were outputted with Dye Sublimation on highquality Chroma Luxe aluminum panels, (48” W x 60”H, and 60”W x 40” H). The show FLORALS was exhibited by Chashama.org from January to May 2023 at 1155 Avenue of the Americas, New York City.

For this work, I observed myriads of botanical species in the gardens and fields around me. My paintings and colors conveyed different moods and emotions, rather than a specific description. Florals are both vibrant and fleeting, ephemeral and eternal.