Veils and Ropes

The Veils and Ropes series was created to approach the subjects of concealment, appearance, performance, bondage, limitations, and passages.
The “Veils and Ropes” Portfolios

Bobby was moving slowly through my studio, and as I was photographing her, she grabbed a bouquet of flowers and it became the subject and focus of the dance, “Offering”.

I wanted to express the ephemeral passages of movement by etching the images in metal. I exposed my films to light sensitive photo emulsions on copper plates, and hand printed them on my etching press.

I also used a Nikon camera with a lens F3 to capture the Butoh performances of artists through the windows of a store on 42nd street in Manhattan.

The ropes in Bobby’s performing Butoh were to introduce the issues of bondage, limitations and passages we experience in life.