The Creative Process

An Analysis of content and Medium

7. Teaching and Writing

So it turned out I grew to be whole as an artist, and a teacher, author, and a perpetual seeker of new dimensions in art. I was able to first paint and create for twenty years (1974- 1994) on my own as a young artist, full of spiritual enthusiasm and a bit naïve, quite unaware of the ways of art world.

Going Back to School

Going back to college for my degrees later in life [BA, 1993, SUNY Empire State College, MFA, 1996, CUNY Hunter college] definitively got me a much needed further education. Gaining employment as an instructor at the Art Students League of New York (1995- present), and as an Adjunct in Fine Arts at the Fashion Institute of Technology (2001-present) as well as the Art Center of Northern New Jersey [1998-present], also helped in living in the real world.

I find the old saying “those who can’t do, teach” totally false. I remember these years creating on my own, I was in my own world, disconnected from reality. I like what I did then, but I like what I do now more.

Sylvie with loupe, 2002.

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Teaching Philosophy

Teaching puts me back in the shoes of a student’s needs, and it gets my brains working non-stop. I have to provide answers, I have to create interest, I must continue to educate myself to be on top. All these challenges only help my own creativity and artwork.

Of course I do not teach children, my students are all adults on college level, some young adults ready to embrace the world, some older professionals, from all backgrounds, either beginners or experienced in the arts.

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Sometimes I use some experienced students, usually friends from many years, as guinea pigs to try out a new technique, before deciding on its merits. I often encourage collaboration between my students to improve the class atmosphere. Sharing successes and failures are key to my teaching philosophy.

There is not a thing I discover, that I would not teach right back. I thrive to share all that I learn, and it makes me a better artist. It is that profound belief, to share what I learn, that brought me to write my books, first “Photoshop for Artists” (published 2012), then “Modern Printmaking”, (published 2016.)