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Early Work
I started with nude drawing at age 14, and majored in printmaking at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs in Paris. I painted watercolors during my year long trip through Asia, and moved on to painting with acrylics, oils and egg tempera when I moved to New York. I also continued to work with all techniques in printmaking. In the early 1990s, I started to combine film photography with printmaking.
Etchings and Aquatints

Maternity: My very first etching plates from my school in France (1972-1975). I was inspired by my participation with the Woman's Liberation Movement in France and by my own questioning on maternity.

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The large landscapes monoprints were inspired by my garden upstate New York, (1992-1996), and the lingerie series are, well, my lingerie printed for posterity (1997-1999).

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I worked with a number of techniques over twenty years, starting with acrylics, then oil and egg tempera on masonite and canvas. I was inspired by visionary themes and mythology.

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In 1976 I left France and traveled for a year in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Nepal, Hong kong, Japan. I arrived from Japan to Los Angeles (via Honolulu) in late 1977. I did not own a camera at that time. This is my visual watercolor diary of this journey.

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Digital Photographs

I originally shot these horses on a farm upstate New York with a Yoshika double lens camera and 20/20 film, using multiple exposures (1990- 1992). I later converted these photographs to digital files (1998). This work was my first attempt at working with photography.

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