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Today I mostly work from digital photography combined with photo techniques in printmaking. I use several Nikon cameras to capture my images, then I transform and recreate them using Photoshop on a Mac computer. My images are sometimes outputted on positive transpar-encies for photo etching and photolithography, and sometimes are printed directly with an inkjet printer on various surfaces and materials.

Trees for me are a metaphor of the human condition. We are both unique and infinite in our freedom
to grow, exist,
coexist, share the earth and the sun and the water. Like ourselves, trees depend on good land, strong will and luck to survive and live long in our universe.

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Shot from an airplane, these skies are my projections of hopes, where I float and dream and feel the infinite of time. Space becomes abstract, depth is vertiginous, colors are ambiguous.

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Reflections show the many aspects of life we can observe and create. By digitally changing color and light, I wanted to give a different viewpoint of nature in a surreal atmosphere.

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Into the Sea

I imagined myself in the ocean, floating and swimming with sea creatures, to transcend reality, dimensions and surfaces. I am looking for a world where senses are exalted, colors are real or not, a world where we are infinite, where the air, the mountains and the ocean are one.

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This is from my most recent trip to Wyoming with my late husband Shan, where I photographed Yellowstone. An exhibit of this work, "Elegy", was produced in the Fall of 2010 in Midtown Manhattan.

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"She-Mountain" and "She-River" are following the "Meetings" series in a broader scale, merging the body with large landscapes, as to search and recognize one's place in the world.

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"She River" is following the "Meetings" series in a broader scale, merging the body with large landscapes, as to search and recognize one's place in the world.

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Land of Imagine

In Utah, the "Land of Imagine", I explored those places where heart and soul together make one envision a world in layers of true and imagined colors and dimensions.

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"Eros" is an on-going series pursuing self erotica and erotic subjects.

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Nudes with Trees

"Nudes with Trees" is the follow up series from "Tree Hands" series, where the trees are the blood vessels running through our bodies. This color series deals with portraying one's body as a tool of expression.

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Times Square

I live in the center of a city bursting with energy. This series started with a request by my colleague, artist and author Stephen Fredericks, to participate in his project "A Day in Times Square", and resulted in a portfolio of prints by twelve artists, acquired in 2009 by the Metropolitan Museum of Arts in New York.

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Body/Bath Prints

"Baths" followed the "Showers series" when I decided to take photographs of people taking
baths. I am interested in exploring the idea of privacy versus exposure. I work with nudity and erotic subjects to portray what we are not supposed to see.

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Veils and Ropes

"Veils and Ropes" photo etchings and photo lithographs series approach the subjects of concealment, appearance, performance, bondage, limitations, passages.

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Tree Hands

"Tree Hands" is a series of photo lithographs and digital prints portraying
the branches of trees as the blood vessels of life, suggested through the hands of two people making love. The idea of mortality leads to a lighter universal flowing.

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I developed "Meetings" as a series of monochrome photo etchings and photo emulsions that combine and merge images of the body of a woman with urban and nature settings. This series is to address our identity versus the place we are at, and the choices of one's assertion and recognition.

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